Would you tip a pregnant bartender?

I am about 22 weeks (5 1/2 months) and I have good luck so far of “hiding” that I am pregnant. I started wearing longer shirts and loose fitting bottoms. I am really not that much bigger now. The bar is smoke free and I don’t drink. When would be a good time to think about slowing down and then stopping work? I am a workaholic, but most of the time the bar is dead. More than half of my time working is being on the internet, reading, and watching tv.

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I’d probably tip you more cause I’d find that pretty kick ass that you could deal with drunk people while having a baby bump :)

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  • Due August 26th w/ #2:

    Why wouldn’t someone tip a pregnant bartender? It wouldn’t effect me giving a tip or not. You can work up until labor as long as your doctor doesn’t tell you otherwise.

  • zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop:

    Whenever you aren’t comfortable anymore. But I don’t tip any bartenders, so no I wouldn’t tip a pregnant one. Then again, I don’t go to bars either. :)

  • Cynical:

    why not? if the bar is smoke free and i never saw you drink i would just assume that you are like every other pregnant woman who works… you are trying to make a living and there is nothing wrong with that. i would probably pull you aside and give you a tip and something for the little one.. just cause i think its cute!

  • Due Date 8-16-09:

    I am a women but yes i would tip a pregnant bartender but that me

  • Ivy Christine due 05/02/09:

    Um..yes, of course! Are you working in a bar where you have to be a “stereotypically hot bartender”? Even then your clientele should tip you the same as always :) Pregnancy is beautiful!

    I’m a server and am 8 months pregnant and am just starting up on the bar now. I’m making the same amount as I always have. Sometimes people are even a little more generous :)

    Good luck!

  • storm:

    you need to take time for yourself and baby if you feel exhausted or you are doing to much, your body will tell you when, don’t over due anything when your pregnant, as for your tips you should get them based on how well you serve your customers, it shouldn’t matter whats in your belly

  • HRE:

    I’d probably tip you more cause I’d find that pretty kick ass that you could deal with drunk people while having a baby bump :)

  • bananarama:

    I had a friend that worked at a bar almost right up till her due date. she was a bartender also but it was a smokey bar. She wore cute stuff that showed her belly and I know she made great tips. especially from her regulars. I think people would tip more cuz they see what efferts you are going to to care for your child.

  • Cass:

    Absolutely! I worked as a cocktail waitress with a friend until she was 8 months pregnant. You get bigger tips, too! She was a workaholic too, and you can exercise as long as you feel you are energized to do so, as you can work. Just don’t let your work get the best of you, the food service industry is very exhausting…so keep up with those prenatal vitamins :) Good luck!

  • jia:

    I would tip. You should be able to work until you go into labor unless the doctors tell you otherwise. You shouldn’t need to cut back your hours unless you want to.

  • Big Boy:

    Since your work progam is very low volume at times you coukd probably go untill your near ready to pop. I had an emplyee who worked for me at starbucks and she went until she was about three weels from being due.

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