When I inhale cigarette smoke, why does it hurt?

I inhale and it hurts my lungs… i have not been smoking for a long time. maybe thats the reason. also, 2 other things.. can it be from smoking too fast? I take a drag, then right after I exhale, I take another one. the second reason: could it be cause I am smoking it till the white tip is already gone? I smoke the cigarette till the beige part. what could it be that makes me hurt when I inhale?

Chosen Answer:

Thats your lungs way of telling you that it is hurting them. Eventually it will go away.

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  • captainx3:

    why dont you stop because you obviously arn’t addicted if it hurts….

  • Birkett:

    ye it could well be that u havnt smoked for a while btu you should defo not smoke until the beige part…..its nto good for you

  • .:abc's:.:

    you should not be smoking at all!! who care what those around you are doing, stop smoking for your own health!!

  • J O:

    you may have a chest cold or you may be getting sick from smoking the fiberglass cigarette filter

  • hot_mama_of_five:

    Maybe because you are no longer used to smoking.

  • joyi3eth:

    Thats your lungs way of telling you that it is hurting them. Eventually it will go away.

  • ltealove:

    If you are hurting I am warning you to stop. Luckily that you have not been doing it for a long time or it would be harder to quit. Seek some medical attention. ASAP

  • resolutewarrior2005:

    Smoking is not cool. Years ago it was believed to be cool.

    It is very harmful to our bodies and specifically our mouth, windpipe, throat and lungs.

    The parts of the body in this area become contaminated and stop working and then other problems fester right quick…

    Do what ever you can to take the steps to stop. Therapy, patches, gum…acupunture…

    Not only is addictive, they are still adding chemicals. There is a new one added to make the butt extinguish…to prevent fires…

    We were given the gift of life. Part of that gift is our emotions and we must use them wisely. More often than not, people smoke out of either boredom or stress, (anxiety).

    In stead of dealing with why they feel anxious, they go somewhere else and light up…avoiding the moment or the task at hand…so it becomes a stress avoidance issue associated with responsibility…to oneself and or others.

    YOU have the power and free will to change the very way you think with one positive thought. Every time you think or feel a negative thought stop yourself and choose which emotion and thought you want to feed.

    I exorcise, meditate and pray and it helps me combat the negatives I deal with every day…They help me a lot. SO have trust and faith in yourself and your higher power and this too, shall pass.

  • onetruerick:

    You have to smoke for a while before it gets comfortable. It sounds like you are smoking too fast for your level of experience. And you shouldn’t smoke them all the way down to the filter.

    Slow down and enjoy! Why do you smoke so fast? Are you trying to get a nicotine high?

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