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Have an exam tomorrow and I failed to catch enough sleep today. How do I stay awake now?

I just need to push through this one night.
Will smoking help?
Any tips apart from coffee?

Chosen Answer:

Take breaks every hour or so and spend 15 minutes doing cardio exercises.

What’s the best Electronic Cigarette or Ecig to buy in Australia?

I have seen and heard about these and even tried one that a friend had at a party. I really enjoyed it and I think it will help me quit smoking, so just wanted to know what other Australians think is the best model and place to buy one, cheers!

Chosen Answer:

Hey, I live in Melbourne and recently got an Ecig and I am loving it so far! Great to finally have found a way that’s stopping me from smoking!

Anyway mine is the AE EGO-T Tank model, that I bought from they have good value kits where you get everything you need to get started without having to buy more bits & pieces and are cheap compared to other places. My kit I think they call it ultimate deluxe something has the ae ego-t, you get 2 batteries each of them lasts me a couple days! and 2 atomizers and a whole bunch of stuff and juice and the best part is the massive clouds of vapor!! my friend had one of those 510 units but his battery lasted only a couple hours and vapor was no where near as good. Anyway I’m pumped with mine and it only took two days to arrive, very impressed with that site, will be ordering more from them… Until then keep on vaping instead of smoking

do cigars have nicotine in them? i smoke swisher sweet tip cigarillos and really want to quit?

i want to know if smoking cessation drugs and patches will help

Chosen Answer:

Yes, they have just much as cigarettes.
So Far the FDA has approved only five drugs for smoking cessation: Nicorette gum, the Nicoderm and Nicotrol patches, the Nicotrol inhaler and nasal spray.
It works if you are ready to stop smoking.

how long would you slow smoke an 18 pound bottom sirloin tri-tip?

Chosen Answer:

I would cut it down into around 5 smaller slabs of meat. If it’s too big, the inside won’t be done and the outside will have absorbed so much smoke it will be inedible.

If you make the chunks of meat about 3 – 3.5 pounds I’d smoke it for about an hour per pound, but pull them off as soon as you think they’re done to your liking.