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Of late cigarettes have been making me gag when I smoke ‘em, do you think I should quit?

I think I ought to… I think I would like to… anyone out there have any tips? Ex- smokers, how did you do it without becoming a troll?

Chosen Answer:

Well cigarettes are naturally harmful. And if your coughing/gagging, its your bodies natural response telling you that its not agreeing with the cigarettes.

As far as quiting, I’m a pharmacist and I quit smoking successfully.

My method was:

- Stop smoking cigarettes.
- Stop drinking coffee (since I used to always have a smoke with my coffee) to break the habit.. and started drinking tea instead (tea is also healthier).
- Whenever craving to smoke comes, I chewed on a piece of “Nictoine Polacrilex” aka Nicotime gum.
-> I was using 10-15 pieces of nicotine gum a day, then I found a mint flavoured nicotine gum and started using that.

Slowly instead of using the nicotine mint flavoured gum I also started using a strong normal mint flavoured gum until I was only chewing normal gum..

And now I just chew gum sometimes, and dont smoke and dont have any urges.

The first week will be crazy with the cravings and youll be a little upset/angry much easier, but in the end its worth it, I feel better, I have better sense of smell, I have a new taste of foods, and life is better overall!

Just gotta have the end goal of no smoking and the drive and motivation, avoid friends who smoke for now, and get some people to support you and help you with the quitting process!

You can do it!