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Any 1 trying to stop smoking any tips or ideas help please?

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Yes me I’ve been smoking for a long 30 years and want to quit before the months out – Thursday for good – no more failed attempts for me! Tips uumm….. I’ve bought myself an electric toothbrush to keep my mouth busy and clean the nicotine off at the same time, another tip (only useful if you have ice around) when you get a craving pop an ice cube in your mouth and by the time it melts (and your mind has been pre-occupied with the thought of “oh my god whats that cold thing on my tongue I’m gonna get brain freeze soon”) hopefully the craving will have gone! Plenty of chewing gum, the more energy you get into your quit, remember, remember to do more exercise.

What are some good tips to get cigarette smoke off my breath?

I think it smells so bad some time. What’s some good tips from experienced smokers. (And please don’t say stop smoking.)

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Altoids work wonders. Also, peanut butter works really well (also works for alcohol). And colgate just came out with a disposable toothbrush that you don’t need water to use. It’s called the Wisp. You can get them at any drug store / pharmacy / grocery store. They are great.