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What is cold turkey and any tips to quit SMOKING?

I have heard this “cold turkey” wen I was looking for ideas on how to quit smoking.
What is cold turkey? And any suggestions for me to quit smoking please? I prefer suggestions that do not involve nicotine gums or patches or any such tertiary stuff.

I have been smoking for 8yrs now. I smoke 8-10 cigarettes a day. It used to be 10-15 wen I worked night shifts.

I even tried to quit totally once and I went into depression. But then, I had no job either and that was nagging me. But now I have a good job and still can not quit smoking. Everytime I try to reduce, I miraculously meet smoker frnz and start smoking.

But 1 thing is for sure-



I DON’T want to try nicotine gum coz i am scared, I may get addicted to it.

Cold Turkey, now I know, is not my cupa coffee. I must try the will power.

I must, I will.

And Jenni WILL join me too… Correct?

Chosen Answer:

I did not start smoking until my mid 30′s. Stupid, right? I had all the reasons to smoke, if you call extreme stress among those. I also had so many wonderful reasons NOT to smoke. 4 of those were my children who were looking at me like I was dropped from an foreign planet. Those 8 piercing eyes resulted just a few years later into 6 eyes belonged to young developing bodies and young adults that decided they were going to also pick up this nasty habit. In other words, 3 of my 4 children became smokers.
I decided that New Years Day I was going to smoke what cigarettes I had and not buy anymore for myself. So far so good–a little over 8 months have gone by. My reasons to stop:
1. Money–I have saved an estimated 3 in purchasing to these cancer by-products alone. I could count more if you count that when stopping at the local fast food store, I usually spent more than just money for cigarettes.
2. My health and concerns for a better life to breathe deeply and walk at the same time without being out of breath.
3. My children. Now out of those 3 children of mine that chose to pick up the habit, I am on them constantly to stop NOW and 2 are in their first week of trying to eliminate the habit as well.
4. Who has the brains to stop, you? Or do you allow the cigarette to rule your mind and you end up giving in to a stupid piece of rolled up paper with chemicals that have been proven over and over again to cause health problems.
5. Additional costs, insurance premiums are higher for a smoker-this includes health and life insurance.
6. Smokers smell. I know, hubby is still a smoker and I end up ticking him off by asking him to move to other side of room, not smoke in bedroom while I’m there, etc. all to avoid smelling the fumes. If you think you can just spray air neurtralizer, you are wrong. That smell is deep within your furniture, your clothes in your closest–everywhere. I read on a website one time, that it would be best if you were a smoker and had a job interview to put your dry-cleaned interview attire in a large zip-lock bag and put them on right before your interview and to at least refrain from smoking while driving to your interview. There is this aura of doom that is invisible to you that you can not see that others smell as being weak.
7. I quit to be around longer so I could be a grandmother to more than just the 1 grandchild that I currently have.
I hope these reasons sink in and do not appear to be preaching. You need to quit for yourself. Besides friends who you used to hang around with and know you are trying to quit, are not really your friends if they light up in front of you. Respect is what they should give you. Respect is what you should give yourself as well.
Good Luck.