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how do i get the best flavor out of a phillies or swisher sweets cigarillo?

hi. i think that i am smoking a cigarillo wrong. I don’t know if I am lighting it wrong or burning it too fast? All I know is that I am not getting a very flavoring taste out of the cigarillo smoke. Can someone run me through some steps and tips to get the best taste/aroma?

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The tobacco products you have mentioned are never, never, gong to taste good. They are made from the cheapest tobaccos and a substance called nu-sheet. Nu sheet is a mixture of any part of the tobacco plant except the root. It is processed just like paper. Specifically, it is chemically treated, mulched-up and rolled out like paper.
Please go to a local tobaconist and allow that person to help you find a good cigar. You will be amazed at the diference.

Why does my cigar have liquid at the tip?

I just purchased a pack of Swisher Sweet slims and 2/5 of the cigars I’ve smoked have has a bitter tasting liquid come from the tip to my mouth. I’m wondering if it’s tar or resin and how it is I prevent this?!

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Did you buy them from Monica Lewinsky??

Can someone give me tips on how to smoke?

So I asked my friend if he can buy me a pack of cigarettes on Friday because I get paid Friday. So he said sure, he’ll buy me Malboro Reds (I think thats what they’re called). So they cost around . So I never smoked one, but I put 2 in my mouth before. I tasted Swisher Sweets and Camel Crush. So I won’t be able to smoke in my house because my parents will kill me. I’ll smoke in public but not around little kids because I don’t want them to think its cool, because I don’t want to be a bad influence to them. I hear my first pack will be hell. So if someone can help me and give me some tips, I would gladly appretiate that.

Also, I’m only 14.

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Dont swallow the smoke and inhale some air before the smoke.. idk
and drink water and dont smoke like heaps or you’ll feel really sick

do cigars have nicotine in them? i smoke swisher sweet tip cigarillos and really want to quit?

i want to know if smoking cessation drugs and patches will help

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Yes, they have just much as cigarettes.
So Far the FDA has approved only five drugs for smoking cessation: Nicorette gum, the Nicoderm and Nicotrol patches, the Nicotrol inhaler and nasal spray.
It works if you are ready to stop smoking.