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How do I prevent myself from late night binge eating when confronted with the munchies?

I don’t plan on quitting smoking weed, but sometimes I get the munchies and I overeat. I exercise quite often, so my weight isn’t really a problem, but it prevents me from fully achieving my goals because the gym can only do so much. Are there any tips on how to regain self control in a compromising situation?

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have lots of good snacks on hand and no bad snacks on hand. Terri Jo Lorz

How can i get a very effective Blog on Quit Smoking Tips?

I need a Blog that will give me a periodic update of articles related to Quit Smoking Tips

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Honestly I’m unsure, but I know from past experiences, that if you don’t want to stop and feel like your being forced into stop smoking, your more likely to be stubborn and not stop.. I believe its a mind over matter situation… Ya gotta want to stop mentally and the rest will work…
I don’t want to stop, I stop in between