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Why does our woodburning stove let smoke into the room when it is first lit?

Just installed a woodburner, lit it last night and the whole house was full of smoke for the first 10 mins, everywhere smells of smoke now, dont know how to get rid of that smell, but would like some tips how to light it without repeating the smoke fiasco of last night?

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My name is Tom and I am with the Social media team at Home Depot from the “How to Community” at Both of the posters are correct in that initially you need to “prime” the flow of air up the chimney through the flue by creating a lot of heat (such as burning paper or another safe accelerator). However, neither offered a suggestion on how to get the smoke smell out.

Home Depot carries a product called Gonzo, that is safe, affordable, and quite effective for this application. you can see it by following this link;

Hope that helps!