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My husband and I are going to begin ttc in about 6 months, i’m losing weight and quit smoking, any tips to in?

does anyone have tips to help increase our chances? We have not taken any precautionary/preventative measures for the last 5 years, so I have a feeling this is going to be tough, we need all the help we can get.

Chosen Answer:

1. go to your doctor for a pre-conception check up. just because you haven’t used protection doesn’t mean you’ll have problems at all. you have to have sex at just the right time to conceive and other factors will play a role, too. your doctor will let you know if they foresee any problems and will make sure everything’s healthy before you start.

2. figure out when you are likely to be ovulating. pick up ovulation test kits (about ten bucks for a week’s worth of tests) and start testing for ovulation…this helps A LOT!

3. get yourself a good prenatal vitamin with folic acid and take it every day.

4. get yourself a basal body thermometer and take your temp first thing in the morning every day. while the ovulation test kit will tell you when you are ABOUT to ovulate, the temps will confirm that you HAVE ovulated. you will see a good rise in temp and it will stay up til your period once you ovulate.

5.start monitoring your cervical mucus…you are most fertile and about to ovulate/ovulating when mucus is the consistency and color of egg whites. it should stretch between two fingers without breaking.

6. try not to do too much pre-planning or worrying. it makes it very difficult for the husband to perform. we’ve struggled with this. try not to put unnecessary pressure on him.

7. have sex either missionary style or from behind as these are most conducive to conception. afterward, put a pillow under your hips to elevate them and keep the semen in.

8. saliva and many lubricants are hostile to sperm. be careful about using them during sex.

9. don’t pee for at least an hour after sex.

10. wait 14 days after you ovulate and use first morning urine to take a home pregnancy test. hopefully it will be positive! GOOD LUCK!