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The tip of my cigar has a little carck in the leaf, what can I use to mend it?

Its not the type of cigar you can lick and mend it… Romeo y Juliet. Any type of glue or anything organic, anything that won’t kill me when I smoke it..Ex:any type of glue….

Chosen Answer:

Cigars, especially the good ones, can cost a fair amount of money. To that end, a damaged cigar can be a very disappointing thing. Of course, it is only disappointing if one isn’t aware of just how easy it is to fix them.

First, forget any notions one may be harboring about wetting the wrapper with one’s tongue and sticking it back together in that fashion. This will not work. A glue must be used to stick the wrapper back together. The appropriate glue is available at just about any grocery store.

To repair this cigar, one must journey no farther than their local grocery store. There is a natural glue called pectin which is used for this process. Remember to never use a chemical glue when trying to repair a cigar! The fumes can be quite toxic. If the frayed portion of the cigar is near the foot or the cap, one may attempt to trim it back to a more advantageous portion of the wrapper but real pros get the most out of their cigars and that means making a repair.

The glue required is called pectin. It is available in the canning section of most grocery stores. This is a food-grade substance and one need not worry about any harm from smoking it. It is odorless and flavorless when combusted so it won’t affect the taste of the cigar adversely, in any regard. This glue is mixed with water in a quantity that results in a sort of tacky gelatin which, in reality, is exactly what pectin is. This gelatin is applied to either the free end of the wrapper or that portion of the barrel to which the wrapper is to be glued, or both, and held in place long enough for it to set and dry.

To fix the cigar, mix the pectin with water until it takes on a tacky quality. Get a bit on the fingertips and apply it to the wrapper on the damaged spot. One will have to hold the wrapper in place for a few moments to allow the glue to set. Pull the fingers away gently to ensure that the wrapper is not sticking to the pectin on one’s fingertips. Examine the cigar before lighting it to make certain that it is sealed correctly and then light it as one would any other cigar. One may wish to let it sit for a while first to make certain that the glue is dried.