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Would you rather smoke a normal cigarette or an electric cig and why?

Just wondering if smokers would rather smoke a normal cig or “vape” on a ecig.. ie the 4000 chemicals in a normal cig that is proven to cause problems inc cancer.. or the ecig that only contains a few inc the nicoteen needed for the addiction but has no harmful effects overwise.
None ecig educated people please think about your answers or do some research please…thanks

Chosen Answer:

Electric Cigs all the way.. bought mine about a year ago, after i was fed up with MD’s stupid no smoking indoor ban.. Not only do your lungs start to work again, but you can smoke it anywhere :D ..
I havnt had a normal cig since i bought it.. Christmas is right around the cornnor, just tell the person who is allways nagging you about somking (we all have them) to get you one. And if you dont like it then just send it back.
Heres the one i got.

did the numbness in your hands and feet stop when you quit smoking with your electronic cigarette?

my friend bought an ecig because she needed to quit smoking she had numbess in her face hands feet.if anyone has had this problem did it go away after you quit smoking if so how long did it take?

Chosen Answer:

If the numbness is a neurological condition related to nicotine then the e-cig isnt going to make it go away until she she is off or severely cuts down on nicotine. now if its something else causing this then i dunno.