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For about how long should I shallow fry two medium sized fillets of smoked mackerel?

And have you any other tips for cooking smoked mackerel, or fish in general? Anything good to add before or after cooking, for instance.

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H-man is right I have used them in many country’s, and they are fully cooked, you can warm them in a pan like kippers, and to serve with, a squeeze of lemon, melted butter, tarter sauce, broken up and added to scrambled eggs is nice, I use them for Kedgeree a rice/fish/curry breakfast dish with chopped hard cooked eggs and crispy fried onions, the Queen of England’s favourite.

Do you have any suggestions for other Medium that I can use in my Art project?

I have so far used:
Graphite Pencil
Color Pencil
Acrylic Paint
Oil Paints
Soft Pastels
Oil Pastels
White Chalk
Felt Tip Pens
Fumage (smoke)

and I need a few more, but I can’t think of any others. Any suggestions would be great!
Thanks :D
Also, the Art Exam Subject is “Clouds” or “Clouds of Smoke”

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Ever try scratchboard? It’s basically paper with a layer of ink on it. And you use an X-acto knife to scrape away the ink, creating a white line. And you scratch images into the ink. It’s wicked fun! To see some examples, go to and do a search for “scratchboard art” and some images and websites will come up. Good luck!