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How to smoke weed manhattan?

Going on a trip to manhattan. Any tips for the smoker in manhattan? Bringing some joints. Ive smoked walking down times square idc, I act like its a cig, no one paided mind, or the cops I passed. But any suggestions? Not dont do it. So before hand, those who dont smoke, or hate weed let me tell you before hand, your comments will not be seconded glanced by Thank you

Chosen Answer:

Smoke it as you walk and don’t make a big deal about it…

Just beware, cops are people too. If you get a cop on a bad day he will bust your ass and you’ll spend the night in jail. Believe me, you do NOT want to spend the night at Central Booking in NYC!!!

Cup the joint in your hand, walk nonchalantly, no one will really care.

Stand still smoking the joint with a FU attitude and you will get busted.