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What is your best TIP on how to quit smoking for good?

I had tried to quit before but never made it that far because i would get bored and go back to smoking after a couple weeks. I’ve never actually made it 30 days though.

I quit smoking cold turkey on January 11th, and i’m on day 18 of not smoking. Do any former smokers that quit have any tips on what i need to do to stay quit, and make sure i don’t make bad decisions to go back to smoking.

My goal is to make 30 days smoke free and i think that’ll be past the point of no return, once i can go a complete month smoke free. I can take it from there. I’m almost there, i just don’t want to stumble.

Chosen Answer:

Be afraid. Be very afraid. This is how my mum did it. She smoked every day for about 40 years. Then one day she was walking home and got so out of breath and so shaky that she scared herself half to death. She never smoked another cigarette from that day to this (she is now 80), despite having a half full packet on the sideboard for months after quitting. In the end, the best way to quit (or to start) anything is to have a bloody good reason.