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I always smell like smoke but I DO NOT smoke…..please help?

I am a high school student and i apparently smell like smoke all the time…I do not smoke but my mom does im sick of people saying i smell like smoke and asking if i smoke i don’t know what to do i have tried everything i use perfume and everything please give me tips on getting rid of this i talked to my mom but she doesn’t care…..And also my straightener sometimes causes my hair to smell so how can i fix that too? Please help i really appreciate it

Chosen Answer:

wash your clothes separate from your moms and use a good detergent. keep all of your clothes (even shirts) in a dresser. put bags of smelly things in there so all of your clothes will smell like that instead of smoke
as for your hair its probably being burnt so use heat protector spray and if you want, a good smelling anti-frizz spray

im 17 been smoking for almost 3 years and want to stop but need help?

Im not ugly in the face due to smoking nor do i have yellow/brown teeth

but i smoked since a young age, and now i wanna stop.

Right now, im sitting coughing and breathing with a weeze (if you understand) and when i cough i taste blood.
i want to quit smoking

any tips?

serious answers please.

Chosen Answer:

Go to your local Pharmacy and ask about their smoking cessation service where you will get confidential help, support and advice over a number of weeks to help you quit. It’s free of charge (apart from the cost if prescriptions if you pay) and will increase your chances of successfully quitting. Good luck.

Does anyone have any tips on not smoking for good? I have been smoking for almost 30 years and its so hard?

I have tried many times. Failed each time. I had a quit date of this past Sunday. I went to a super bowl party and blew it. My relationship is starting to suffer. My boyfriend pays for my habit. I feel bad about it and I have to stop but if anyone, smoker or non smoker is out their you know how hard it can be. I am afraid to fail again. HELP!!! Thanks in advance.

Chosen Answer:

this is a link to a free online book, read it and take it in, it will help u change ur way of thinking which is all u need because the biggest battle u face is the one in ur head. Read it and see

it helped me quit cold turkey after 21 years of smoking.

Going to Smoke Salvia for the first time help?

im prob gunna get 10x, anyways any tips?

Chosen Answer:

Tip: Don’t do it.

Salvia should be illegal, its way too powerful and scary. You’ll probably never want to do it again.

Stick to marijuana and mushrooms.

tips on stopping smoking in early pregnancy ? please help?

i think i may be pregnant, it wasn’t planned but my partner and i are ready and very much in love. i smoke about 10 cigarettes a day (max) and i’ve been slowly cutting down over the months but i still feel the need. my mother smoked while pregnant with me and i made a promise i would never endanger my baby’s health by doing the same. i need to stop. i know it will be difficult but worth it. please any tips would be much appreciated. im taking a test today.

Chosen Answer:

If you think you may be pregnant, you need to stop right now. Cold turkey. If you are pregnant with a girl, not only are you putting her life at risk, you are putting your grandchildren’s lives at risk because you are damaging her eggs. Your mom could have damaged your eggs since she smoked while pregnant with you. I hope everything turns out okay. But you need to stop smoking now. It’s not just the smoke that harms the baby, it’s the nicotine. So using smoking cessation products won’t help you.

Help with dealing with my parents smoking?

I need help! My parents smoke everywhere in the house and I don’t really get a say in it at all. I always smell like smoke and even some body sprays do not work. I don’t want to end up very unhealthy because of this (running already hurts me breathing wise). I also don’t want people to think that I smoke. Any tips on dealing with these kinds of things? Physically or mentally? Thank you very much for any help

Chosen Answer:

Depends what exactly they’re smoking. I guess you could just stay as far away from the smoke as you can, and mostly stay in your room with the window open when they smoke in the house.

What is it about smokers that makes them better tippers?

Im curious because I have worked in a bar before the non smoking ordinances were passed and after. I noticed a dramatic difference between the way people that did smoke tipped and opposite for the non smokers.

Can anyone attempt to explain this to me? I’m a bartender in DC (as if that will help) and there is a HUGE difference. Ive been wondering this for a while.
sgoldperson.. with that way of thinking the business would profit not the bartender. We are making a mere and some odd cents an hour. The rest depends on the consumer.

Bottom line, if you dont have the money, why go out?

Chosen Answer:

I feel the same way. I live in NC and we have not enforced “no smoking in public places” rule yet.
I have been working in the restaurant business for 3 years now.. I am a server.
Sometimes I have an area in non-smoking and sometimes I have an area in smoking.
The smoking section tends to have fewer children in it. Not to sound stereotypical, but its mainly true, people with kids tend to tip less.
The guests are more relaxed, and do not rush you as they have… “a cigarette to keep them company.” They also tend to stay longer in a restaurant than a nonsmoker would, so many feel the need to tip you extra as they “wasted space” in your area that could have been used for someone else at the time.
People who smoke are more comfortable and easy going, and tend to tip better, especially if they are drinking.
I’m not exactly sure why smokers tip more.. but its typical.

How do I smoke a cigar to get the most flavor out of it?

is there a certain way to puff or use your lips? all tips would help! thanks

btw, i know tobacco is bad for you – dont wanna hear it. i know you’re not supposed to inhale cigars


Chosen Answer:

First: cut the end (head) with a SHARP Guillotine cutter (or cigar scissors if you have them).

Next : light 2-3 wood matches and hold the cigar just ABOVE the flame, roll the cigar around until there is a lit ring around the end of it (it may take more than 1 or 2 attempts with certain cigars).

Then: AND ONLY THEN do you put the cigar to your lips and GENTLY pull the flame in to fully light the cigar.

Any attempt to light a cigar cold will almost certainly ruin it.

When smoking gently pull in the smoke and hold briefly to fully enjoy and appreciate the complexity of the cigar, its aromas and texture. If you smoke often enough you will begin to notice different flavors in cigars (brands, wrappers, sizes, and styles such as; nutmeg, cinnamon, cedar, vanilla…etc.)

HELP!! How to take a picture while blowing out smoke HELP!!?

I am interested in how someone could take a successful picture of another person ( or themselves ) smoking and blowing out smoke without it looking weird, smoke covering the whole photo etc. Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Chosen Answer:

Take a picture of the smoke separately and then add it into the other picture during post production.

E cig no vapour? help?

Hello i have an ecig that was good for a week or so and then out of know where it has ran out of vapour there both 2011 models and i have tryed switching the attomizers, cleaning the atomizers, fully charging both of the and put brand new cartrages in and still shit all …… sorry for my language but it is my stress reliever..and help ? ps the atomizer still heats up

Chosen Answer:

If the atomizer heats up, assuming it is heating up all the way and you aren’t getting vapor, that sounds like the atomizer isn’t getting enough liquid. Is there a possibility the cartridges aren’t seating correctly in the atomizer? If you have refill liquid, try dripping it directly on the atomizer and see if it produces vapor.

The other reason could be that there are a lot of sub-standard brands out there that simply don’t work reliably for long periods of time. It may be time to replace that one with something else. You can do some research at the ECF and either get additional help with your current model or find a different brand you may like better.