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Im writing an essay and need some tips on why smoking should be banned from public places.?

My teacher has asked me to write an essay on why smoking should be banned in public places and need some good reasons to back it up.
Can anyone help
Im having a debate in english… and we are just going over it. i know its already banned i just need some tips to back me up.

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hiya.. i worked in public places when smoking wasn’t banned it was awful as a non smoker i respect the right of people who choose to smoke but i had no choice smokers inflicted their evil smell on to me i would return home at the end of a shift with my clothes and hair smelling of stale cigarette smoke i often had a nasty cough and sore throats not to mention sore eyes from being in the fog laden air all night it has now been proved scientifically that inhaling smoke from passive smoking can increase the risk of cancer also when we used to go out for meals ours were often ruined by smoke wafting across from the smoking areas even if we sat in non smoking areas there was no way that smoke knows where to stay lol can you imagine how much damage would be done to a child’s lungs if they were taken to a family restaurant for a meal before the smoking ban?

Brits who smoke. A wee tip about what NOT to do in Canada?

When you are in the USA/Canada, do NOT walk into a store and ask for 20 FAGS !!!!
I almost got laughed out of the shop :)

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The English often ask if they can bum a f@g! all they want is to scrounge a ciggarette from you.
What a desgusting expression,