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How to resist cravings to smoke?

My smoking is getting kinda out of hand, I’m going back to college tomorrow after having 3 months off and I won’t be able to smoke hardly at all :( has anyone got any tips to resist the cravings to smoke?
No comments about my health, I know the risks, I’m an adult and I can make my own choices.

Chosen Answer:

I gave up a few years ago. I had tried a few times before but my heart wasn’t really in it. The reason why i finally did was not for any of the reasons you usually hear about. I thought about the type of people who run cigarette companies and decided that i did not want to be associated with the type of evil things they do. I felt like i was funding them to promote to and kill millions of people worldwide. The current trend is for them to target developing countries which are seen as the market of the future. After i changed my mindset it was easy to give up. I don’t have cravings and am as healthy as ever. It is not an instant change though, you feel better years later rather than months or weeks.

I also went to the smoking clinic at my GP. I only went once and got some nicotine tablets which you can put under your tongue. I never used these but it was nice knowing that i had them.

What are some good tips and pointers to smoking weed for the first time?

I don’t want comments saying don’t do it and please dont report me.
Please help me

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I won’t tell you not to do it, because it is really harmless, impossible to O.D on, and it all really depends on the kind of person that you are. If you are easily influenced by drugs, then you will let weed control you, but if you have an overall goal of becoming successful in life, and going to school, etc etc, then you will find that you are able to maintain both lifestyles (smoking and being successful).

The number one tip for you, since this is your first time, is to smoke weed in a positive environment

If you are smoking it in an environment where you have to constantly look behind your shoulder so that you don’t get caught, then you are going to fall into a paranoid high, and basically you’re just going to be paranoid the whole time.

Try doing it on a roof if you can, or a basement, where you are POSITIVE no one will even pass by

Another good tip is to do it with a good friend, so that both of you keep each other in check.

When you get high, you are going to need some water or soda or drink next to you, to alleviate your throat, and you are going to want to eat. If you can prepare EVERYTHING BEFORE you smoke, it will be a much more relaxing and fun high, because you won’t have to scatter around to the store, or to a restaurant, to buy food, everything you need will be within arm’s reach. When you are high, you don’t want to walk around (it kind of depends, every time is different)

Coughing is perfectly normal for first timers, even pros cough, and it is rumored that coughing makes you higher (idk if that’s true), but it’s hard to stop coughing when you start, it’s like a domino affect o.0

I advise you, if it is cold outside, buckle up REALLY REALLY well, because you are more sensitive to the cold when you are high

Enjoy, have fun, OH, and LISTEN TO MUSIC, it sounds sooo magical,
Some particular songs were just invented to be heard when high lol

Quit smoking tips for depressed people?

I wanna quit smoking but I’m scared to cause people told me you will gain weight which I don’t wanna do cause I weigh 200 pounds already and I do have depression so will someone tell me some good tips on how to quit smoking tobacco and gain weight! And I don’t wanna do the patches or the gum! Thank you for no rude Comments

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How to smoke weed manhattan?

Going on a trip to manhattan. Any tips for the smoker in manhattan? Bringing some joints. Ive smoked walking down times square idc, I act like its a cig, no one paided mind, or the cops I passed. But any suggestions? Not dont do it. So before hand, those who dont smoke, or hate weed let me tell you before hand, your comments will not be seconded glanced by Thank you

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Smoke it as you walk and don’t make a big deal about it…

Just beware, cops are people too. If you get a cop on a bad day he will bust your ass and you’ll spend the night in jail. Believe me, you do NOT want to spend the night at Central Booking in NYC!!!

Cup the joint in your hand, walk nonchalantly, no one will really care.

Stand still smoking the joint with a FU attitude and you will get busted.

My John Deere Sabre lawn tractor has smoke coming out from under the engine.?

I have a 15.5 HP 38″ cut John Deere Sabre lawn tractor. Heavy, thick, white smoke is coming out from under the front of the engine. It has oil & fuel. No leaks on the ground. Any comments or tips? Thanks.

Chosen Answer:

Sounds like too much oil. Check the level and drain if TOO FULL.