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How unhealthy is it to do “hot-knives” with silver knives?

For those who don’t know, hot-knifing is a way of smoking pot or hash where you heat up the tips of a pair of butter knives using a stovetop element, and then burn a small ball of pot/hash by squashing it between the tips and directly inhaling the resultant smoke.
I did a lot of hot-knifing as a teen and my main set of knives to use were silver. Could this cause more health effects than using a regular set of stainless steel knives?

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Interesting practice!

It shouldn’t make any difference, really. Neither metal goes into the smoke you inhaled.

For about how long should I shallow fry two medium sized fillets of smoked mackerel?

And have you any other tips for cooking smoked mackerel, or fish in general? Anything good to add before or after cooking, for instance.

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H-man is right I have used them in many country’s, and they are fully cooked, you can warm them in a pan like kippers, and to serve with, a squeeze of lemon, melted butter, tarter sauce, broken up and added to scrambled eggs is nice, I use them for Kedgeree a rice/fish/curry breakfast dish with chopped hard cooked eggs and crispy fried onions, the Queen of England’s favourite.

What are some good tips to get cigarette smoke off my breath?

I think it smells so bad some time. What’s some good tips from experienced smokers. (And please don’t say stop smoking.)

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Altoids work wonders. Also, peanut butter works really well (also works for alcohol). And colgate just came out with a disposable toothbrush that you don’t need water to use. It’s called the Wisp. You can get them at any drug store / pharmacy / grocery store. They are great.