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Tips on drawing smoke?

I have to do this project for Drawing 1. We have to make a maze. But not “textbook” style, it has to be artistic. So I’m drawing a girl, just her head. her side profile. Her hair is blowing on one side through the paper. And she’s blowing smoke. I’m going to make the maze going through starting from her mouth, going into the hair and ending at the corner of the page. So what I’m having trouble with is drawing the smoke. I just can’t seem to get it right. It keeps coming out fake looking or weird. Can anyone give me some tips? Im using drawing pencils. Any certain sizes i should use or shading or something? And if you have any more ideas for the maze, please don’t hesitate. Thanks.

Chosen Answer:

You should use pencils with a softer lead to lightly outline where you want the smoke to go and use your finger to smudge it out. Then clean it up with your eraser. Go over it a few times with the smudging and erasing until you end up with the effect you like.