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Any tips on quitting smoking?

I am planning on quitting smoking soon and have an appointment to talk to a “coach” and getting some patches for free! My big problem is irritability and food! All I want to do is eat! Any tips on making quitting easier and decreasing appetite?

Chosen Answer:

congratulations on your decision… there really is no wrong way to quit… most of in fact do put on a few “new quit pounds”… that’s pretty much par for the course.. food simply tastes better for one thing!! i have heard the saying “the Weight can wait” usually this situation stabilizes and the weight gain is only temporary….many of do munchies with baby carrots an other low cal items… also sunflower seeds, and peanuts in the shell seem to help with hand to mouth reflexes many smokers have..

as far as irritability.. yep new quits are infamous with incidents… i have a friend who jokes ” you are allowed 3 homicides your first 30 days” .. actually most of us although embarrassed at the time, look back with sort of a stoic humor on the situation..

the fact that your going to have a “coach” and getting free patches is great… there is really no wrong to quit, and it wise to use resources available..

myself i have been abstained from tobacco for over 5 years, with the help of nicotine anonymous.. the fellowship in the meetings gives me an anchor for my quit.. you are welcome at meetings smoking or quit.. even planning a quit is great, and you are welcome!!!

meetings are available in metropolitan areas, as well online.. good luck with your quit!!