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What are some tips to help me quit smoking?

I’m trying to quit for my pregnant girlfriend. What are some tips to quitting, because it’s very difficult to me? I’d appreciate anyone’s help.

Chosen Answer:

Think of the possible consequences before lighting the cigarette. Smoking can cause one several different kinds of cancer, especially lung cancer, but also tongue cancer, as well as other kinds of cancer. It also affects your budget to certain degree. Generally speaking, the average smoker in the United States spends over 100,000 dollars in a decade’s time simply by buying cigarettes. That’s quite a bit of money, which certainly can be used much more effectively, going on vacation for example. That amount of money can also be saved for future tough times. As we are currently witnessing, economical recessions happen in cycles more often than people might think.

Moreover, think about the way smoking impacts your life. For instance, you happen to be at a meeting, while the urge to smoke is eating you inside. You lose your cool and the meeting doesn’t go very well. Think of your future son or daughter and the smoking will impact them – unfortunately, infants and young kids are much too vulnerable to afford smoking around them; second-hand smoking can cause breathing illnesses and cancer. Its effects are nearly the same when compared to mainstream smoking.

Plus, in reality, regardless of the great number of people who smoke, smoking is still seen skeptically among non-smokers. To your face, a lot of people will not judge you, however behind your back they might do so.

To sup up, pull yourself together and believe that you are going to beat nicotine … many people have!

Is it ok to smoke markers?

My friend and I have smoked them before, just pull the tips out and put them in a bowl..But we got really really high..And I was just wondering what the side-affects of this could be? I know it has to be different than just inhaling them, because it’s not going directly to your brain, but to your lungs, ya know? But I was just curious if anyone knew?

Chosen Answer:

It makes no sense at all to say that “it’s not going directly to your brain, but to your lungs”. The reason why people smoke tobacco, or marijuana, or cocaine, or opium, is precisely BECAUSE many substances that are inhaled into the lungs go directly to the brain within a few seconds. Unfortunately, the high you get from the solvents in markers isn’t caused by the drug tweaking some of the normal chemical processes in your brain (which is how the drugs above work in your brain). Solvents, being what they are, DISSOLVE stuff–and in this case, they dissolve cell walls and protective structures around nerves in your brain. And this is no government BS either–people who smoke or huff solvents for a while can have a brain scan done, and it will actually show sponge-like HOLES in the brain where tissue has been eaten away.

In short, you’re getting high by literally liquefying your brain. And if you haven’t already liquefied too much of it, then you probably agree that that’s NOT really “ok”.

does smoking a piece of paper have the same affects as smoking a cig?

Today i rolled a piece of exam paper with cotton wool and i lit it. It was actually pretty cool i was blowing out smoke and watching the tip go orange as i sucked it i didn’t cough or anything and knowing there was no tar or nicotine in it i wanted to try it again.

so im just asking is there something wrong with smoking paper or did i just discover the worlds first cheap healthy cigarette.

Chosen Answer:

Healthy? i don’t think so
there is a reason why if you are in a fire you get on the ground. so that you don’t breath in smoke. its really bad for your lungs. and just because there is no tobacco and no nicotine does NOT make it better
dude smoke in general can cause serious health issues
and dont tell any of your stupid little friends to smoke paper because chances are one of you little idiots are going to smoke a piece of paper with ink or lead on it and that could get you hospitalized
and give you permanent health damages

i mean really? who smokes now? people who wanna be cool. HA! sorry but i would not want to make out with a guy with nasty breath. and i would not let myself fall for a guy who smokes because he’ll just die early anyway.

i mean seriously- when god was handing out brains did you just think he said trains and didn’t get in line?