Quit smoking tips for depressed people?

I wanna quit smoking but I’m scared to cause people told me you will gain weight which I don’t wanna do cause I weigh 200 pounds already and I do have depression so will someone tell me some good tips on how to quit smoking tobacco and gain weight! And I don’t wanna do the patches or the gum! Thank you for no rude Comments

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  • Lacrosseguy2981:

    Okay. This is what you have to do. Firstly, drink lots and lots of water. Water is what flushes crap out of your body. Even if your pissing a lot keep drinking water. Secondly make sure to eat very healthy. After that make sure you get to the gym to walk 10 or 15 minutes on the tred mill. Excersie helps fight cravings as well as depression. I can’t help you with the gaining weight part for I’m thin myself.

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