How long does marijuana stay in your system?

Would I be able to pass a urine test if it is 15 days after smoking? Any tips to get it out of your system faster?

Only respond if you can answer my questions… i don’t feel like getting a lecture.

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5 Responses to “How long does marijuana stay in your system?”

  • Trevor:

    7 days or so

  • Giovanni:

    Umm I think a week but I heard a month i don’t know man

  • LeyLa:

    Lol takes like a week to get it out your system…
    there some kits that help out with that… there rare to find tho..

  • Valerie M:

    It takes 3 months. There used to be a drink at the gas station u could get but that was years ago

  • scrapNstef:

    It depends on how heavy you are and how often you smoked prior to stopping. I have never tried to pass @ 15 days (ususally wait 30) but if you HAVE to take it exercise your ass off, sit in a sauna, anything to sweat & drink water to rehydrate. Be wary of clean out products because most labs test for those as well. Good Luck!!

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