Electronic cigarette, is it healthy?

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First I want to give you an idea of who I am, I’m a 24 year old guy.I live here in the Philippines (manila), now for my question, I bought this electronic cigarette, I actually bought 2 sets.One of my office mates introduced it to me. He bought one first.I bought it from the same person who sold him his.The guy doesn’t have a store, he is just selling it in the internet and he does meet ups.Now when I met the guy, actually I had second thoughts because he doesn’t sound and look like some one you can really trust.The e-cigs he sold me are working properly, its just that I don’t know how safe it is.Not only because of the impression I have towards the seller but also because it doesn’t have a brand or I don’t know if that’s the brand (Joy-ey) something like that.I heard several people talk about it and they say the (Joy-ey) Im not sure if that’s the brand because there is nothing written on the box, on the case and on the e-cig itself (I think its from China or somewhere in Asia).Plus he’s also selling this refills, he calls it juice.Its the flavored liquid that gives flavour and taste to the e-cig.Now basically I just want to have an in-depth idea or knowledge about the ecig, I mean ive tried to search for studies, reports about it but I didn’t find any.So please for those reading this right now, wheter your from the Philippines or where ever in the world you are, please I need your help.Share your ideas, knowledge and experience.Is it really safe?Are there any side effects?Is there a chance that you will have asthma or whatever sickness when you use it continuously?Thank you so much in advance.If you have questions you can include it in your answer and I’ll try my best to return the favor.

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they can answer many of your questions and point you to many information sources.

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