can you smoke marijuana out of an electronic cigarette?

I was just wondering I use to smoke marijuana, and now I smoke cigarettes. I want to quit smoking and I want some tips on how to. Please no lectures, I’ve heard them all before. Thanks(:

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  • Stupid Butt:

    No. Those only make enough heat to evaporate nicotine. The healthiest way to smoke anything would be a vaporizer.

  • Jitterbug |pl0x:

    you could, if you have a lot of time on your hands.
    electronic cigs use liquid nicotine. you would have to go through an extraction process to extract the THC/sativa from the weed… usually mixed with vinegar. next, just get the extracted THC mixture and fill up an empty nicotine liquid cartridge that goes with your e-cig, have fun and enjoy.

    I never have seen someone do this, but it is possible.

    just google for the extraction process there are HUNDREDS of vids on youtube for liquid THC and just goo THC for about 75% more sativa than just smoking the bud.


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