What is the poem ‘the best cigarette’ about?

I suck at poetry so could someone please explain this poem to me!?!?

There are many that I miss
having sent my last one out a car window
sparking along the road one night, years ago.

The heralded one, of course:
after sex, the two glowing tips
now the lights of a single ship;
at the end of a long dinner
with more wine to come
and a smoke ring coasting into the chandelier;
or on a white beach,
holding one with fingers still wet from a swim.

How bittersweet these punctuations
of flame and gesture;
but the best were on those mornings
when I would have a little something going
in the typewriter,
the sun bright in the windows,
maybe some Berlioz on in the background.
I would go into the kitchen for coffee
and on the way back to the page,
curled in its roller,
I would light one up and feel
its dry rush mix with the dark taste of coffee.

Then I would be my own locomotive,
trailing behind me as I returned to work
little puffs of smoke,
indicators of progress,
signs of industry and thought,
the signal that told the nineteenth century
it was moving forward.
That was the best cigarette,
when I would steam into the study
full of vaporous hope
and stand there,
the big headlamp of my face
pointed down at all the words in parallel lines.

Chosen Answer:

It’s about being as ex-smoker, or an ex-anything, missing smoking, idealizing that last toke.

How To generate more people to my business?

Ok I have a BBQ business (walk up and drive thru), no seating. I am averaging about a day. Some days I do about 0. Need to make money to advertise, need people to make money. Everybody praises my food, they say that they love it. I have pork, beef, smoked polish and hot links, spare & babyback ribs, rib tips. Been open about 3.5 months now. Barely paying the bills and reordering food. Help if you have any suggestions.

Chosen Answer:

don’t waste money on fliers or newspapers initially. Have a tasting day or session where you invite local businesses to come and sample your food. Offer breakfast and lunch deals – find out what your customers really want and then provide that service. Aim for repeat business – ask yourself “why would people eat my food rather than someone elses”? and aim to answer that with the food and service you provide. Also you may try to match or team up with other local businesses and cross promote – eg – discount movie tickets when they purchase food from you and then discount food for all movie goers. There is so so much you can do to get more customers without spending a lot on advertising – I could go on for hours…… good luck to you.

How to loose tan and have a healthy looking skin?

I have an unwanted tan. I think one of the reasons is smoking. I also want to get rid of dark circles under my eyes.

Also, my skin looks pale and is oily most of the time.

Please give me some tips to get a healthy,fairer,younger looking skin.

tips on diet,exercise and stuff to apply to the face etc will be appreciated.

Oh by the way I am 26 male

Chosen Answer:

As a girl with Irish skin, I know your pain. There are a few pieces of advice I can give. The most important is to take omega 3 oil. You usually find it in fish oil variety. I used to be so oily that I had to shower twice a day, now I only have to shower every other day.

The second is to drink lots of green or white tea. Both are high in antioxidants. I drank 4 cups a day before my wedding and my skin practically glowed. When you finish with the bag, rest it on your eyes for a few minutes. The caffeine reduces inflammation.

As for diet, cutting out some processed sugars like soda and things heavy in salt will help. Things high in good natural oils like free range chicken and their eggs, cold water fish and olive oil will help your skin.

Would it be easy to help a self-conscious girl stop smoking?

My girlfriend is 15 and she smokes, and she’s very self-conscious. I don’t think it’s a crazy habit yet, but she thinks it’s gross, and knows it’s not good. What would some tips be on helping her quit?

Chosen Answer:

Tell her she’s prettier when she doesn’t smoke and make sure to compliment her when she doesn’t.

I had a girlfriend that smoked and I told her I’d refuse to kiss her ash lips. Then again she wasnt very self-conscious.

I don´t wanna look like an amateur toker?

Basically its like this, i´ve been making some new friends, and one of them asked me to go to his house today and smoke some weed. Im not totally new to smoking, but i´ve only smoked like 2 times. And I dont wanna do something stupid like get saliva on the joint (People tend to get pissed because of that) Not inhale correctly etc. Basically I don´t wanna look like a newbie. Any tips?

Chosen Answer:

wipe your lips before you hit so you don’t get saliva on the joint or what ever, fill your mouth with smoke then take a deep breath to inhale so it will still get you high without killing your lungs. Dont try to hard and every one loves a newbie, so really if they like just be like i am kind of new at this and they should just tell you thing to help you out. Hope this helps P.S. they will be able to tell if your new to anyway just by how you smoke.

what is the best way to pass a marijuana urine test?

im 17 years old and weigh 155lbs; i work out twice a week and drink plenty of fluids. any tips? *please post answers that will only benefit me instead of criticize me for smoking*

Chosen Answer:

well as far as i can tell everybody who answered ignored your last sentence

so i will help you
1) don’t smoke again until the test ( smoke as much as you want afterwards, just make sure puff puff pass)

2) drink copious amounts of water, every day, im talking liters of H20 every hour, well not really but you should have to pee worse and more often than you normall do,

3) step up your excersise routine, this probably wont work in time, but THC is stored in fat so it will help burn it off

4)on the final day drink a ton, even more than you have been, and when you pee only catch the pee from the middle not the begining or the end, thats where most of the stuff is

5)if this is a doctors check up and not a real drug test, you should be fine as i have smoked prior to a check up before and been fine

depending on how much you smoked prior to the test and how often you will probably be fine unless your a constant user, 3 or more times a week every week, if so you may just be fucked

good luck and god speed

How unhealthy is it to do “hot-knives” with silver knives?

For those who don’t know, hot-knifing is a way of smoking pot or hash where you heat up the tips of a pair of butter knives using a stovetop element, and then burn a small ball of pot/hash by squashing it between the tips and directly inhaling the resultant smoke.
I did a lot of hot-knifing as a teen and my main set of knives to use were silver. Could this cause more health effects than using a regular set of stainless steel knives?

Chosen Answer:

Interesting practice!

It shouldn’t make any difference, really. Neither metal goes into the smoke you inhaled.

How much food do I need for a baby shower for 30-35 women?

So I volunteered myself to throw a baby shower for one of my girlfriends. She’s due in November, and the tenative date for the shower is September 2. Another girl is taking care of all the games and that stuff, so I just have to deal with food, punch, decorations and invitations.

I want to do mostly finger foods. I was thinking about doing 2 or 3 kinds of finger sandwiches (like smoked salmon and chicken salad). I was also going to do a crab salad in endive leaves recipe that I found, and possibly some melon and prosciutto canapes that I make all the time. And one dessert I was going to do was little phyllo cups with fresh fruit.

My question is, how much of each thing will I need for 30-35 people?

Does anyone have any fun, pretty little finger-food recipes you’d like to share with me?

Does anyone have a good recipe for punch you’d like to share?

Any other tips for someone who’s never thrown a baby shower before?
She’s having a boy, and the guest will be all women, and most of us are 20-25 years old.

Chosen Answer:

Allow for 3 of each item for each guest. I know this sounds like allot, but it is better to have a little too much than not enough.

Simple punch:
Any Citrus-y fruit juice
Ginger ale

Freeze a block of the punch for ice – mix equal parts of juice and ginger ale for the punch (pineapple guava is really good).

Finger food:
Mix 1 or 2 of the following into softened cream cheese:
real bacon bits
diced green or black olives
diced green chillies or onions
crushed pineapple
diced marachino cherries

Take regular white bread, cut off crusts and roll out flat. Cover stack w/ moistened towel. Spread smushed bread w/ cream cheese mixture and roll up jelly roll style. Chill overnite, then slice into 1/2 inch slices and serve.

Beginner guitar: How do you stop covering strings when playing chords?

Sorry if the information is wrong in the question but I’ve only started playing the guitar since Wednesday and I don’t know a lot about the theory side of the guitar. I’m 15 now and learning to play Smoke on the water by deep purple since the main riff in it is good and fun to learn for beginners, so I’ve been told but you have to cover the A and the D strings with your ring finger but when I go to do it I keep covering the G string too. Are there any tips or tricks I could do to stop doing this? Do I have to angle my ring finger more?

Chosen Answer:

It takes practice to get your pinger into the right position, I had issues with chord when I first started, and it just took practice to get them better. Here is a video clip of steve Morse demonstrating how to play the main riff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-DjZXOSUuc

What happens when you are putting oil in the car’s engine and oil spills all over?

i was putting oil and the funnel tipped over then the oil got all over the place, all over the outside of the engine. i turned on the car then it started smoking and now the my car is a bit in a mess. how bad is it?

Chosen Answer:

We do this all the time. Just wipe up what you can and the rest will go away on it’s own. The oil on the exhaust pipe will stink and smoke for a few minutes, then all will be fine.